NBC Launches Sports Betting Radio Show

The well known NBC sports radio is rolling out a new show focused on sports wagering as they enter the new year. The media giant is launching it’s daily show nationally known as the The Daily Line. The show first launched on January 2, 2019. The show will be hosted by popular, local anchor Michael Jenkins and SB Nation radio host and Navy Football studio host Tim Murray. It will be a light watch for bettors who bet on sports casually.

According to a report from RotoGrinders, NBC has been registering domain names which have links to sports betting. There is a chance that the channel will venture into opening it’s own sportsbook in the near future. Looks like NBC Sports is all set to make a mark in the industry of sports betting.

The Daily Line show will cover daily topics on different sports and the betting options surrounding them. Experienced bettors will be welcomed on the show to speak as guests and share their stories. The show will go on air from 3 to 7 pm ET each weekday and will also be on the NBC Sports app.

NBC is not the only channel to launch a show based around sports betting, it has already been pioneered by ESPN+ . The show is hosted by the Action Network. Also the VsIN (Vegas Sports and information Network ) has its shown on sports betting hosted by Sirius Radio. Lock It In is a regular show hosted by Fox Sports 1. This is also the most popular show on sports betting and looks like the NBC will attempt to follow its footsteps.

Legalized sports betting is still a very new thing for the United States of America, but as it seems, the media has already started taken full advantage of it and planning out innovative ways to earn maximum revenue from it.

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