Online Sports Betting Guide

Sports betting is a lucrative source of income and to a large extent, it’s been proven to be true. Sports betting and gambling are not just widely practiced all over the world but also a go-to source by both professionals and novices alike who look for quick ways to welcome some extra cash into their pockets within a short period. 

Our online sports betting guide focuses on how online sports betting and gambling work in the US. Currently, sports betting is still finding it’s footing in the United States as it has not yet been fully accepted unlike many other countries worldwide. New Jersey and Nevada are the most accepting states when it comes to sports betting currently. For years, the highly sought-after, most recognizable and most patronized online betting sites used by US sports fans were abroad or “offshore”. Historically speaking, a variety of them are based in Curaçao, Costa Rica, Antigua, Malta, Kahnawake, etc. On our site, you will be given proper and adequate information about legal US online betting sites for players new to betting as well as some other key details you should know before making any bets online. 

Some of the key points to expect from this guide include expectations of online betting sites, the most popular sports and betting markets covered in the US, how to open an account with a betting site, how to deposit and withdraw your money, amongst others. It is important that whatever site you’re dealing with should be a reputable brand.

For over a decade (and still counting) now, a handful of sports betting sites have been making provisions for online wagering and making them available for US sports fans. They have made available to fans, a wide range of sports markets that come with special deals and promotions. One can find great value from these available products. Available sports typically include Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Hockey which are of course regarded to as “The Big Four”. These four sports offer sweet odds and great deals for sports bettors in the US. 

Other sports that make up the list of popularly known games one can bet on include; horse racing, golf, tennis, boxing and motor racing. The online betting sites, of course, have huge roles to play when it comes to attracting and retaining old, new and potential customers by making welcome packages available which paves the way for deposit bonuses or even free bets!

Whether or not you are new to betting, it is still advisable to confirm how legitimate the site you’re using is. Moving forward, if you’re in a position to verify the legitimacy of a betting site, all you need to do is follow these steps:

– Look for a license from a known legal jurisdiction. In New Jersey, all online gambling providers, including sportsbooks, must have a license with the NJDGE.

– Make sure that the site has a responsible and up-to-date gambling policy

– Find out if they have easily accessible ways to reach their customer service representatives or support.

How To Find The Best Bonuses

Should you be interested in finding out which bonuses are the best for you to try out, you should visit any of our recommended sites as there are loads of information available for you to get yourself acquainted with. You can get a ton of free bets and bonuses which can help you win a lot of money with minimal risk.

What Is A No-Deposit Bonus?

Some websites offer some bonuses to bettors online whether or not they make deposits into their created accounts. Bettors would be entitled to these bonuses on the websites fully without restrictions. These bonuses are called the no-deposit bonuses. These kinds of bonuses as a matter of fact attract more customers and help retain the existing ones already too.

What Is A Mobile Bonus?

Some bettors actually prefer using their mobile smartphones to access online betting sites because it offers the best convenience. Bonuses are also available to mobile users who can access the online gaming site in the comfort of their homes or anywhere. These bonuses are known as mobile bonuses. Some bettors prefer this mobile method because of its security, comfort, convenience, and easy-to-use features. But to access these mobile bonuses, one, of course, has to open accounts and operate using their mobile phones. 

What Is A Bonus Validity Period?

The bonuses offered to bettors usually come with a validity period before it’s expiration. Bonuses don’t last for too long before they become expired. The most generally popular validity period is thirty (30) days. However, some online betting sites may have contrary principles guiding their own validity periods. When getting acquainted with these bonuses, it is advisable to navigate through the website properly for information on how they offer their bonuses and for how long the bonuses last as well. The validity period is the period when you can still make use of the bonus before it comes to an end. 

Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are made available to new customers as welcome offers. These bonus codes are given to be entered on the site and typically give some form of a bonus, free bet, or higher return in favor of the new customers. While bonus codes are still used by many bookies, some still tend not to adopt it for various reasons. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Use A Sportsbook at a Las Vegas Casino?

In order to gamble in a Las Vegas casino, you have to be at least 21 years of age. Which is also the age you must be before using an online sportsbook in Nevada. This is the same for almost all casinos and sportsbook around the US.

How Do I Find The Best Sports Betting Sites?

Even though the regulations surrounding US betting sites are still up in the air there are still excellent options for US-based bettors to place bets online. Here are the top US betting sites available right now:

Best Sportsbooks for USA Online Betting

William Hill Sportsbook 

PlaySugarHouse Sportsbook 

FanDuel Sportsbook 

Draftkings Sportsbook

888 Sports


We consider the sportsbooks listed above to be the best options for US residents and the reasons are carefully stated below. 

First and foremost, our recommendations all meet the following criteria:

  • Licensed by an appropriate governing body 
  • Operating legally within a recognized online gambling jurisdiction 
  • Trustworthy and reputable 
  • Safe to use

How Do I Start Betting?

To begin betting online, there are just a few steps you need to follow. 

OPEN AN ACCOUNT – After making up your mind that you want to start betting on your favorite sports online, the very first step you need to take is to create an account with whatever site you have chosen. In order to complete this simple task, all you need to do is go to your preferred online betting website and locate the “create account” button, click on it and create your personal account. 

MAKE A DEPOSIT – After you have finished creating the account, just log in with the same details you used in the creation of the account, navigate a little and find where you can make deposits and begin with whatever matches your budget. Note that you don’t necessarily need to deposit a large amount until you get a good feel of the betting site. 

PLACE A BET – Once you have created the account and made a deposit, you can start placing bets. Find your way around the website and find sports you are interested in and place your bets. There are a series of games you can bet on and also bet types and odds that determine how much money you make. 

Yeah, it’s that simple. After the creation of your account, you will most likely get welcome bonuses that will help boost your earnings when you make your first bet. Aside from the welcome bonus, most sites go further by providing free bets bonuses.

Which Online Betting Site Has The Best Odds?

All online betting sites have various odds that you can work with. What you just need to do is find out the one that you feel most comfortable with to give you enough value for your money. A visit to any of these sites we have mentioned will help you find some of the best odds around

How Do I Make Deposits?

Depositing money into your account is as simple as it gets. To fund your account, you must first create an account with a betting site of your choice. After the creation of the account, go to your profile, navigate around and you will find the option that allows you to make deposits and then choose the method you prefer.

How Long Can Withdrawals Take?

Although it depends on whatever website you’re patronizing, all sites, especially the ones that offer the credit card deposit option are trying their possible best to make the process of withdrawal as smooth as possible. The fastest way however to withdraw your cash is by transferring your winnings to your personal bank account after which you can make your normal withdrawal. However, sometimes amd for some websites, this process may take a few days. 

Which Online Betting Sites Should I Avoid?

To new customers and even sometimes already existing customers, there’s a high chance of getting duped by a fake betting website. Although it’s a bit difficult to figure out whether or not a betting website is legit, it is not impossible. If the necessary steps we earlier mentioned in this guide are followed, there shouldn’t be much stress regarding the verification of the legitimacy of an online betting site. Because of the laziness of some individuals to try and carry out this operation, they have lost their money to fraudsters in the process. Below is a list of websites that are to be avoided at all costs.

Scams And Failed Online Sportsbooks

Bet Islands Sportsbook

Bet Mayor Sportsbook

BetOnSports Sportsbook

Bet Cascade Sportsbook

Legends Sportsbook Sportsbook

OddsMaker Sportsbook Sportsbook

What Is An Online Betting Signup Offer?

An online betting signup offer is simply the offer available to new customers who are willing to join the game. After going through the terms and conditions, a new customer creates an account and then gets entitled to the juicy offers attached to sign-ups. These offers are provided by the company in order to attract the new customer to themselves and then keep him as am existing customer. 

What Is A Stake Returned Bonus Bet?

Another kind of bonus bet is the stake returned bonus bet. It is simply synonymous with any normal bet that you make. It has to do with how your stake is multiplied by the odds of the selected games to Fetch you your returns on the bet placed. For instance, if you place a stake returned bonus bet on a game that has a total odd of 5.00, you will receive a total of $500 when you stake an amount of $100. So in simple terms, if you want to know how to calculate your earnings on a stake returned bonus bet, all you need to do is multiply the odds you get from the game by the amount you are willing to stake. It’s that simple. 

What Is Matched Betting?

Among all types of betting, there is the matched betting. A Matched betting is a kind of betting that gives bettors the enablement or chance to take advantage of the free bet bonuses made available by bookmakers. Not just free bet bonuses but also cool offers and incentives as well. 

The regular traditional betting allows bettors to predict the outcome of a game they find their interest in but in matched betting, bettors are offered the opportunity to take advantage of incentives, offers, and bonuses provided by various bookmakers.

If you want to make a matched bet, what you need to do is quite simple. You just need to patronize the bookmaker that provided the free bet to you. How do you do this? You just have to make a bet using the same bookmaker. The very advantageous thing about matched betting is that you get to benefit from these bonuses that are laid down by bookmakers and use them to your own advantage. There are other advantages and benefits you enjoy from matched betting like the ability to eliminate your risk, ability to cover all the potential outcomes and also enjoy a profit whether or not the final result of the game is favorable. 

What Is An Existing Customer Deposit Bonus?

An existing customer deposit bonus is the kind of bonus available to already acquired customers. These bonuses are not as large as the welcome bonuses because of course, they are already in the game and do not necessarily need to be enticed with fat bonuses that are readily available to new customers.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

These are the needed requirements that need to be met before one can actually get engaged in any form of wagering. There are usually terms and conditions in  casinos that are carefully attached to a specific bonus which players must pay close attention to. Before becoming a wagering pro, one must first know the basics, the do’s and dont’s and then be enlightened on how careful one must be in order to make sure that they get very much acquainted with the regularities and formalities attached to waging.

What Is The Difference Between An Online Betting Signup Offer And An Existing Customer Deposit Bonus?

Although the offers vary according to the website, on most occasions betting sites offer more bonuses to new customers who have made up their mind to join their business by signing up on the website. With these juicy signup offers, they achieve their own aim of building and extending a larger market share amongst bettors. They offer large chunks of bonuses that appear very mouthwatering and attractive to these customers and in doing so, they gain more customers.

Existing customers are not left out of the bonus promotions as well. Betting sites offer bonuses to customers both old and new and the bonuses offered to already existing customers is called the existing customer deposit bonus. These bonuses are the ones offered and made available to customers that already patronize them personally. The sole aim of providing these bonuses is to retain these customers. Of course the welcome bonus offers are always fatter than these ones, but they how we find a way to make the existing customers happy and satisfied with the provision of bonus offers that is aimed at tying them down.

Betting once again is a lucrative one and also one in which you take losses. It is advisable to make sure that whatever betting site you start with, you should confirm their legitimacy and be sure you won’t get played by a fraudulent site. Another thing you should do is to play your cards right and gamble wisely. You can win as much as you want but only if you play wisely. To be a professional gambler, you first have to be a risk-taker. It is important not to take the wrong risks. You need to execute brilliance in picking odds that appear juicy and lucrative. We wish you luck in your betting ventures. 

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