FanDuel Review

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Key Info

  • New Users Get a $500 Risk-Free Bet
  • Earn Points with the Loyalty Program
  • 24/7 Customer Support Team

Pros & Cons

  • In-Play & live action sports wagering opportunities
  • Mobile betting options for iPhone & Android devices
  • Elite interface & overall design of sportsbook
  • Payment methods are fast and simple
  • Limited Markets
  • Still new with room to improve


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FanDuel Sportsbook Review

Daily fantasy sports have been all the craze in recent years and who doesn’t want to see their favorite real-life players come together in the virtual world to slug it out without the limitations of their real world counterparts. Both men and women alike, young and old, have jumped on the bandwagon because it is an exciting prospect to see these games being played out. And with this trend, also comes the sideline of sports betting.

When it comes to daily fantasy sports there have been two rival competitors at the top of the industry, capturing 90% of the entire market: DraftKings and FanDuel. In September 2018, DraftKings launched its first official betting app that would allow bettors to look at the odds, place their bets, and monitor the results of games all in one click, no matter where they are. In response to this, the other industry leader introduced their own sportsbook, the FanDuel Sportsbook. As with any rival products, there are similarities and differences that make a user choose one over the other. In this article, we would like to show the benefits of using FanDuel’s new mobile and online platform for sports betting.

FanDuel Sportsbook was launched in 2018 and is owned by Paddy Power Betfair. The purchase came in July, after the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the federal sports betting ban in the United States. It is a well-known brand that has been offering Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) since 2009 and already popular among sports fans.

At this time, FanDuel only accepts sportsbook wagers from players 21 years and older and physically located in New Jersey. FanDuel verifies location through geolocation technology so you won’t be able to sneak any bets in while out of the state. Also doing so is against the law. However, players can register and manage their FanDuel sportsbook account from anywhere.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Depositing your hard earned money into your FanDuel account is pretty simple, as of now you can deposit using any of the following methods:

Deposit MethodMin. AmountMax. Amount
VISA and MasterCards$10$2,000 (Daily)
$4,500 (Weekly)
$10,000 (Monthly)

*VIP's have much higher limits
Online Bank Transfer$10$10,000
Cashier’s Checks$10$10,000
Cash at PayNearMe machines located inside New Jersey$10$500 (Daily)
$10,000 (Monthly)
FanDuel Prepaid Card$10$10,000

Though payment options may be limited, users do have some of the best gateways available including Paypal, eCheck, PayNearMe, and credit or debit cards. It may still be lacking in a few features with regard to funding like having the capacity for making larger deposits. So far, it would seem that Paypal is still the most convenient method for doing your funding transactions.

FanDuel also advises players using a Credit Card to “please be aware some banks will consider deposits with online gaming companies, such as Betfair Casino, as a cash advance and will charge an additional fee.”

Withdrawal Methods:

Withdrawal MethodMin. AmountMax. AmountProcessing Time
ACH/E-CheckNoneNo Limits3-5 days
CheckNone$25,0005-7 days
FanDuel Pre-Paid CardNone$25,00024-36 hours
PaypalNone$25,00024-48 hours

Any withdrawals over $25,000 will need to be done via ACH/wire transfer.

Bonus Offers

Let’s start with the obvious hook. FanDuel offers new users with an initial risk-free bet of up to $500, which could be immediately withdrawn once the user loses the bet. So any amount deposited up to $500 can be bet risk-free knowing you’ll be refunded if you lose your first bet. Anybody within the legal age limit and within a legal sports betting jurisdiction is eligible to participate in this bonus offer. You simply just make an account on FanDuel Sportsbook’s main site, make a deposit and make your first bet. You don’t have to input any code, because the site wants you to try out their platform to feel out how it works.

How Does It Work?

After signing up and depositing some money, choose any matchup you like and make a bet knowing that there is literally nothing to lose, since you will be refunded if you lose the bet. This is what they call the promotion bonus. You can try it for “free” in the simplest terms. Once it has been determined that you lost, you may claim a refund 72 hours after the promotion period which runs until January 27, 2019. If you win, then you just won your first bet without having actually having to risk any of your bankroll. The only catch is that if you do win, you won’t be able to withdrawal any winnings until you bet the total amount of the winnings. For example if you bet $100 and won $300 you would have to bet another $300 on the site before cashing out. This is called a rollover and is standard for online casinos and sportsbooks to have associated with their bonus offers.

Various channel access

The platform exists on both online and mobile formats so it gives users ease of access and real-time updates about results and other bets that are being placed on the platform.

Simple, practical layout

The design of both the website and the app have been created with the user in mind so it gives you all the essential information you need about the money lines, spreads, and other data that you would use to make your decisions. It also presents these information in a straightforward layout so you don’t have to scroll through the whole page just to find what you need.

Money line wagers

The sportsbook offers some of the best prices (odds) on the money lines, spread, and run lines that would provide you with the best returns for your risk.

Wide selection of bets

When you are on the FanDuel sportsbook site or app, there will be different kinds of bets that you can elect to make. From money line wagers to futures, you can experiment until you find the right market to satisfy your betting needs.

IGT Software

Since the technology behind this platform was made in collaboration with IGT, a trusted tech company, users can be confident that the quality is top-notch. It has a very smooth flow and once you land on their homepage, you would immediately see everything organized in their respective categories. Most of the functions on the app and site ensure that users will not have to deal with unexpected crashing or errors that would ruin the whole experience.

Betting Lines/Odds

FanDuel offers some of the best bets and odds across the entire industry especially when it comes to money lines as they count even to the last digit. Their NFL spreads are pretty standard and similar to other sportsbooks. Not all of their offerings are as competitive or profitable though so it would depend on you to get a good feel of the board and find the hidden nuggets that would give you the best returns.

Key Markets

FanDuel offers wagering options for most major sports in the US but again, its range is limited in this respect. So far, their markets consists of football, basketball, baseball, soccer, golf, tennis, hockey, mixed martial arts, and boxing. It is likely they’ll grow and add new markets over time.

In-play Betting

When it comes to joining in on a game in progress, users will have one of the best time as they will be able to see the bets and the odds changing almost simultaneously while the game is happening, as well as seeing the scores being updated. Of course, the money lines during play may not be the most accurate at all times, but that would pretty much be the same with the rest.

Loyalty Program

FanDuel has a system of earning points within their platform allowing them to have a certain status that they can use to get certain benefits and other additional features available only to those who have been continuously supporting and using the platform. For each dollar that you would spend on the platform, you earn five of these FanDuel points and the more points you earn, the higher your tier will be which could give you great access to various perks within the site.

Other Facts

Two years ago, FanDuel was supposedly going to merge with their rival DraftKings but was prohibited by the Federal Trade Commission as it would turn them into a monopoly. Ever since, they have been vying for the top spot in the market and their latest app launches will be a big factor in determining how much they would attract new customers and capture the market.