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Alaska Gambling Guide

Even though Alaska is the largest state in America, it is one of the least populated states with less than a million people. It is a state burdened under the impact of its politics and culture and hence shows minimal access to and desire for regulated gambling. The Alaska gambling laws are pretty restrictive and expose the conservative mindset of its traditional politics. The inhabitants are not very desirous of gambling either due to the fact that the residents receive a check from the state’s oil industry every year which is in fact way more compared to the revenue they would receive from commercial gambling. Hence, neither online gambling nor land-based gambling offers Alaskans with many choices.

Alaskans can participate in social gaming provided the house makes no profit out of it whatsoever. Once again, gambling devices can be used for the sole purpose of social gambling with the condition that the house earns no profit be it from the entrance fees or the odds that benefit the house.

Alaska Gambling Laws

The gambling laws in Alaska strictly prohibits slots and video poker. Although, there are other forms of gambling residents can entertain themselves with besides bingo, raffles, and pull-tabs. The arctic and rural environment of Alaska gives its residents the opportunity to lay bets on unusual events. For instance, at the time of the annual Cabbage Classic, bettors can place bets on the crop with the heaviest produce entering the game. Bettors can also speculate the number of salmon cases bunched throughout the season at Petersburg. Wagers can also be placed on the date and time and temperature of the coldest day. Alaskans can even bet on fishing competitions and dog sled races.

Residents of the state also entertain themselves by betting on the oddest of things like on the first bit of ice that moves in a water body during spring and the very first goose to fly into Fairbanks for the term.

Alaskans find the quirkiest ways to gamble keeping in mind not to break the laws. The cruise ship business in Alaska is widespread and blooms especially during the summer season. Both tourists and residents can enjoy gambling once the ship enters Canadian territory or international waters. Here, they can enjoy all sorts of casino games from slots to table games.

The gambling condition in Alaska is not likely to undergo many changes in the near future since the lawmakers are content with the present state.

Online Gambling in Alaska

The only online gambling options, Alaskans can engage in are skill games and fantasy sports. Online Casinos, online poker, horse and greyhound wagering is a big “NO” in this state. Even though off-shore gambling is an option it is not recommended due to the risks involved in terms of finances and indulging in an unregulated market. The only web-based gambling options accessible to the residents of Alaska are daily fantasy sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Daily Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is the only manifestation of legal sports betting permitted in Alaska and to some extent, it requires the skills of bankroll management, value finding and an understanding of stats which are also needed for fixed-odds sports betting. The fantasy sports industry is on the rise as of late and is the most popular form of gambling in Alaska. The sites mentioned above organize week-long fantasy leagues where players can win prizes worth more than a million dollars.

Skill Games

Skill games mainly comprise of the traditional Spades and bejeweled which are played for real money. They are not a favorite amongst the masses since it is quite simple and lacks the thrill. The opponents fix an amount to wager and whoever wins the game, wins the bet. Alaskans can find these Skill games on WorldWinner which is the most popular online site for skill games.

Casinos in Alaska

One is likely to find more than 100 Tribal Alaskan Casinos in the form of bars, restaurants, and taverns that offer pull tabs, bingo, and raffles to varying degrees. These casinos are usually located away from the heavily populated areas in Alaska. Alaska is also home to a handful of bingo halls run by native groups or charitable institutions that abide by the restrictive Alaskan gambling laws.

Although there aren’t any traditional casinos in Alaska here is a list of some of the known gambling venues offering some form of betting usually pull tabs, bingo, raffles, and possibly a few video machines.

PropertyLocationDetailsHas Slots?Has Table Games?
Agate Pull Tabs
Sand PointPull TabsNoNo
Atka Ira Council Pull TabsAtkaPull TabsNoNo
Crystal Cruises - Crystal SerenityAnchorageCasinoYesYes
Eagle River Bingo & CasinoEagle RiverBingo NoNo
Juneau Tlingit and Haida Tribal BingoJuneauBingo NoNo
Kake Tribal Heritage BingoKakeBingo NoNo
Klawock IRA Pull Tab ShoppeKlawockPull TabsNoNo
Lucky Boniface BingoAnchorageBingoNoNo
Metlakatla Indian Community BingoMetlakatlaGaming Machines, BingoNoNo
Native Village of Barrow Pull TabsBarrowPull TabsNoNo
Northern Lights BingoAnchorageBingo NoNo
Royal Caribbean International - Radiance of the SeasJuneauCasinoYesYes
Sitka Tribal BingoSitkaBingoNoNo
Sun’aq Tribal BingoKodlakBingo NoNo
Tudor Bingo CenterAnchorageBingo NoNo

Is Lottery Legal in Alaska?

Alaska remains as one of the seven American states to have no lottery. The last attempt at legalizing lottery in Alaska was made in 2006 which was unsuccessful. This indicates that it is not permissible to buy lottery tickets online as well. Nevertheless, the state might accredit institutions to organize small lotteries or raffles for the purpose of charitable fundraising. These organizations can award up to $2,000,000 in a single year.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Alaska?

The only way one can gamble online is to wager at unregulated off-shore sites where the customers have no lawful remedy or alternative in case things go amiss.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Alaska?

No, sports betting is not legal in Alaska. According to the Alaskan Gambling Laws, a person can be fined or punished for betting on sports even though nobody has been charged for such action till date. The closest thing to sports betting Alaskan can indulge in is daily fantasy sports.

What is The Minimum Gambling Age in Alaska?

Alaskans below the age of 19 are not permitted to participate in gambling activities of any sort.

How Many Casinos are in Alaska?

There are no licensed casinos in Alaska. There are bingo halls and pull tab venues. Alaskan cruise ships often have casinos but gambling must be done once the ship has entered international waters.

When Will Alaska Have Sports Betting?

It is doubtful Alaska will legalize sports betting any time soon. Gambling laws in Alaska are tight and restrictive and the lawmakers have expressed no intentions of changing the legal status of sports betting either.