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There are states in the US which allow full-scale gambling, and there are states that only allow gambling on Indian reservations, and then there are states like Georgia that do not allow gambling at all. The laws of gambling in the state of Georgia are extremely strict and they do not entertain any kind of legal land casinos or any form of online gambling. 

The only form of gambling that is permitted within the state of Georgia are raffles and that it be for charity. Raffles are simple lotteries, which can be purchased for cheaper prices than a typical state-run lottery. However, the majority of the prize money, if someone wins, will go directly towards charity. There are standard bingo halls and poker rooms, but no buy-ins are allowed. This means that, effectively, you cannot win prize money from them, but you can try them for fun or test your luck.

History of Gambling in Georgia

In Georgia, the first lottery called the Southern lotteries were set up in the 1800s, which was of course, unsanctioned. The government soon passed a law banning all lotteries and it took more than 100 years for Georgia to get their first state-run raffle system, which was introduced in 1993. 

The raffle system, however, was strictly monitored by the state authorities and was mainly used for charity purposes. While most of the neighboring states legalized horse and dog racing, Georgia did not fall into that category. They completely negated the idea when it came to putting horses and greyhounds on a track and putting an amount on their heads. 

In 2002, the government ensured that all gambling machines and casino games were banned and people found hosting or running any gambling operations would be dealt with in the strictest of manners. 

Gambling in Georgia Today

Betting on horses and greyhounds is legal in most of the neighboring states of Georgia and has been a massive success in these states. Not only did they initiate gambling with these practices, but they have become a major revenue generator for those states. There is, however, good news, for gambling enthusiasts in the state. Brian Kemp, the governor of Georgia has made it clear that the voters (primarily, the citizens) will have the complete liberty to vote for the construction of casinos. And with people voting for the motion, gambling might soon be legalized in Georgia with the introduction of land casinos, racing and sports betting. 

Cyber Cafes were massively on the rise in the 2000s. The café computers can generally be used as a type of slot machine for gambling. A few years later, it caught the eyes of the Senate prosecutors, who soon took them down and ensured that all forms of illegal gambling were banned in the state of Georgia. 

The two cruise ships are the lifeline of the gambling sector of Georgia. They are the only, somewhat legalized way in which a person can gamble in Georgia, though technically not in Georgia. One of the ships are docked in Savanna while the second one is docked, Brunswick. 

– Millionaire’s Boat Casino: This ship located in Georgia has all the offerings that a land casino is supposed to have. It will not be wrong to say that this is a land casino on the water. From jazz clubhouses to an exotic tour around the Tybee Lighthouse, one can easily spend the entire day in the ship, even if they are not gambling. 

– Emerald Princess Casino: The Emerald Princess Casino offers both the day and evening cruises, unlike the previous one. From the sandy beaches to the foothill of scintillating mountains, the Emerald Princess ship covers large and lovely distances. Ranging from over 500 games including table games and slots, both the cruise ships in Savannah and Brunswick are sure to captivate you with their beauty even if you are not into gambling. 

Considering how Georgia regulates its gambling laws, the government has to implement other methods to facilitate the development of the state. In all, if you are in Georgia and need a gambling fix one can easily take the cruise ships, not only to gamble but to enjoy the scenic beauty of Georgia. 

Is Online Gambling Legal in Georgia?

Online gambling is illegal within the state of Georgia. The citizens can only purchase raffles, the amount of revenue which goes to charity. 

Is Sports Betting Legal in Georgia?

Sports Betting is absolutely illegal in Georgia.

What is the minimum gambling age in Georgia?

Although gambling is illegal in Georgia, you need to be at least 18 to gamble on the cruise ships located in the state. 

How many casinos are in Georgia?

There are no land casinos in Georgia. There are, however, two operating cruise ships which take you to waters located outside the state where then gambling is accepted. 

When will Georgia have Sports Betting?

Under Brian Kemp, things are going smoothly for Georgia, and if the votes are in favor of gambling, land casinos will not be a distant dream anymore. Sports Betting could then likely become a reality in the state.