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Hawaii Gambling Guide

In the United States, there are hardly any other states with gambling terms as strict as Hawaii’s. Unfortunately, the beautiful islands of Hawaii prohibit its inhabitants of indulging in any gambling activity be it bingo, poker, lottery, brick and mortar casinos, sports, racing, etc. The only area where the residents could butt out their gambling desire was daily fantasy sports, but even that was banned in 2016. There are certain forms of social gambling prevalent in the state functioning under the condition that the house hosting the gamble shall directly or indirectly take no profit through food sales, fees, entertainment charges, etc. These social gambling activities can only be legal if they are not executed in bars, motels, hotels, nightclubs, public place, or any business establishment. Perpetrators of gambling can not only end up in jail for up to a year but also be fined up to $2,000. 

Hawaii has not necessarily ever been a gambling-friendly state. Its gambling history is not very rich either. Before Hawaii went on to become the 50th addition to the United States in 1959, there were some functioning racetracks, but after the said year, no betting activity has been practiced in the state. Though a few attempts were made to legalize online poker in 2008 which went on till 2015 or 2016 when it was dissolved, and nothing changed. There may be home poker games, and tournaments across the state provided there is no buy-in. 

One of the reasons why Hawaii resists gambling is because they believe it that it may hamper the family atmosphere and cause more problems rather than solving any. Hawaii is, in fact, a popular place for a family vacation, and there are a lot of other amusing activities to pamper one with.

By now, you have probably realized that for a gambling enthusiast, Hawaii would be a massive disappointment as it allows no form of gambling. If you are planning for a vacation to the mesmerizing state of Aloha and expecting a dash of gambling, be prepared to be let down. Hawaii does not even possess gambling cruise ships that would favor gambling in international waters.

Sports Betting in Hawaii

Sports betting, not even dog or horse racing is practiced in Hawaii, and its chances of becoming lawful in the Aloha State is very slim. Nevertheless, a few bills have been passed over the years, which gives us hope that maybe within the next 5 years, Hawaii will have legal sports betting. In 2017, the HB 927 bill was introduced that had wanted to establish a commission for scrutinizing the social and economic impact of sports and other forms of betting, but the bill flopped. Then again in 2019, the HB 1107 bill was presented and signed by twelve representatives for the launching of the Hawaii Sports Wagering Commission that would control in-person and internet wagering in the state. 

The lawmakers are hopeful that now since the federal sports betting prohibition has been revoked; it could boost people’s interest in legalizing sports betting.

Daily Fantasy Sports

The local prosecutors took from the Hawaiians the only betting scope they had at gambling by banning daily fantasy sports. They believed that DFS stood in violation of the state’s gambling laws and issued orders to cease-and-desist to the most popular fantasy sports sites functional back then, DraftKings and FanDuel. Before being banned, fantasy sports in Hawaii fell under the social gaming sphere where the players received nothing more than their winnings. Every bit of what money came in was returned to the winning players as prize money. 

FanDuel and DraftKings are two of the best sites for fantasy sports. In here you can participate not only in heads up contests and small leagues with a limited number of contestants but also large tournaments with a massive crowd. These websites host fantasy matches for professional sports like basketball, hockey, soccer, football, baseball as well as college basketball and football.

Online Gambling

With no brick and mortar casinos around the corner, the Aloha State quite obviously forbids its residents from gambling online as well. Anybody who tries to receive bets or host poker games for residents over the internet will be going against the gambling laws of the state and inviting trouble. Though efforts were put in and bills were introduced in 2013 and 2017, neither of them gained any traction.

Social Gaming

As mentioned before, social games do not fall under the Hawaii gambling laws and can be enjoyed by gamblers as long as the house makes no profit. But note that social casino sites do not permit gambling with real money and players can enjoy free-to-play casino rounds like Big Fish, Slotomania, Double Down Casino and Zynga on Facebook. Social casino apps can also be downloaded on iOS or Android-based mobile phones and tablets as well. Any social game that does not charge a fee is legal. Even private card games among friends are lawful.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Hawaii?

No, online gambling is illegal in Hawaii.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Hawaii?

No, sports betting is unlawful in the state of Hawaii. Daily fantasy sports was also banned in 2016.

What is The Minimum Gambling Age in Hawaii?

Since Hawaii does not offer its residents any gambling provisions, there is no issue regarding the gambling age.

How Many Casinos are in Hawaii?

Hawaii does not host any brick and mortar casinos, lottery rooms and bingo or poker halls. All forms of gambling are strictly prohibited. Hawaiian gambling enthusiasts might have to take a flight to the nearest gambling-friendly states like Nevada.

When Will Hawaii Legalize Sports Betting?

It is unlikely that Hawaii will be loosening its gambling laws anytime soon. There is some hope that sports betting could be legalized in the Aloha state someday but is likely years away.