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Known worldwide for its harvest of luscious potatoes Idaho is a state that has earned a reputation far greater than that. It is after all a gambling heaven for both online and offline gamblers. Online gambling in Idaho has sprawled all over the state and outside. With no laws and rules forcibly regulating online gambling, this state has become a utopia for the online gambling community.

Traditional gambling had always enjoyed prominence in Idaho-lottery tickets, scratch cards, brick and mortar casinos on Native American reservations that had their heydays long before online gambling came through. However, the government has buckled up and come down heavily on these traditional means of gambling, causing the online market to skyrocket.

Gambling in Idaho is legal but unregulated for the most part. Offline casinos have forbidden Blackjack and Roulette, but online casinos have placed no such restrictions. 

Idaho is not one of the more gambler friendly states in America; for the most part, they follow a don’t ask don’t tell policy. However, that has left loopholes in the system in the process of making gambling a free and fun activity. 

History of Gambling in Idaho

Idaho formally became a part of the American union in 1890, and by the early 1930s, slot machines had found their way into the state. For close to two decades residents of Idaho discovered their calling in the ‘One-Armed Bandit Slot,’ and by 1947 the slot machine industry had been regulated by law. Providing citizens with the impetus to continue with their gambling.

Betting on horse racing, however, followed a different trajectory and became legal only after 1963. The Idaho State Racing Commission was established to deal strictly with horse racing and betting. As of today, Idaho is the home of eight magnificent racing tracks in the US.

The most popular form of gambling here has always been the lottery. People have been steadily investing in lotteries ever since it became legal in 1988. The cash registers have not stopped ringing since then, going by current signs, it is not slowing down anytime soon.

The brick and mortar casinos of Idaho are owned by Native Americans and are situated on their reservations. Native Americans are, in a way, the pioneer of gambling-related activities here. Even though legislation prevents slot machines from being declared legal in Idaho, the Native Americans found a loophole by not referring to them as slot machines. They changed the terminology to lottery terminals, and the state of Idaho has attempted to pursue this matter legally. So even though any kind of gambling on slots is not legal in Idaho, it is the most popular and widely accepted form of brick and mortar gambling in the state.

With many of Idaho’s neighboring states being home to similarly extensive Native American gambling networks, any effort to declare gambling illegal would be useless. There are many more convenient places within a commutable distance for people to try their luck. This is one of the main reasons for online gambling, gaining permanent prominence in this state.

Games like blackjack and roulette, are, however, still illegal and are not found in any brick and mortar establishments. Both online and offline gambling has had a lucrative run in Idaho so far. If their current popularity is anything to go by, one can say the gambling scene in Idaho is here to stay. 

Online Gambling Laws in Idaho

Citizens of Idaho have no legal restrictions on their fun; all they need to do is get to a computer with a working internet connection and Viola! There are no laws that forbid citizens of Idaho from indulging in even Blackjack and Roulette, two options they don’t get offline, from their computers.

The downside to this open atmosphere of gambling is that there are no laws. Thus there are no legal, regulatory institutions where concerned and affected citizens can lodge complaints and grievances related to gambling. The online gambling scene in Idaho is very safe, though, and no such issues have cropped up till now. Thus, citizens happily and willingly turn a blind eye to the need for any regulatory institution.


Is Gambling Legal in the state of Idaho?

Gambling, for the most part, is legal in Idaho, but it is not regulated by any legal body. 

Is Sports Betting Legal in Idaho?

Betting on Sports in Idaho is illegal. Fantasy sports betting is also illegal in Idaho.