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Maine is still in its infancy in terms of gambling and betting. Its laws are still on the more conservative side to allow wagering of all kinds at the moment. There are, however, a few options one would have in this regard. 

Maine permits only two casinos to be operational at this point. So options are limited in this respect. However, horse-racing is quite popular in the state, and there are 3 racetracks in the state. 

It has to be noted that Maine is a smaller and scarcely populated state with only a 1.3million population. It has the 12th smallest area and the 9th least population out of all 50 states in the US. So when you consider its estimated $390 million-a-year gambling revenue, it is some indication of how well the gambling industry thrives in Maine.

Gambling Laws and Regulations in Maine

Maine has historically been strict in terms of allowing gambling in the state. It is very selective about what would be considered legal, and what would be a punishable offense relating to gambling with the state boundaries. 

Betting on horse-racing has been one of the few long-standing legalized versions of gambling in Maine. Racing was legalized in 1935 and it remained the only legalized form of wagering for 40 years. 

1973 saw the creation of its state lottery. This is fully functional to date; however, it does have a few limitations. For example, tickets aren’t sold online, so you have to buy online subscriptions on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis. This enters you into two drawings every week automatically. Keep in mind that only the official licensed state website can sell lottery tickets and subscriptions. 

1975 also saw the legalization of charitable bingo and beano. This signaled the entering of the Penobscot Tribe in 1988 into the market under the Gaming Regulatory Act. 

Finally, 2004 was when casinos were finally authorized to operate in the state of Maine. The establishment of the Maine Gambling Control Board was the first sign of law-makers turning around to relax gambling regulations in Maine. 

Maine imposes strict punishments on any form of illegal gambling. However, penalties seem to be biased more towards those who organize the gambling event rather than those who participate. Regardless, you should be careful not to indulge in any form of unauthorized betting in Maine.

Casinos in Maine and Where to Find Them

Maine has a very limited selection of gambling options compared to other states. It has a few operational casinos which are listed below:

  • Hollywood Casino – Located in Bangor, this is Maine’s biggest and most all-inclusive casino. It opened its doors in 2005 and finally added table games in 2012. It also boasts a 1000 slot machine roster along with fantastic facilities, making it a truly top-notch gaming option.
  • Oxford Casino – Oxford Casino was established in 2012, making it only Maine’s second casino. This is a smaller casino with just over 850 slot machines. It’s located on 777 Casino Way which places it pretty far from Hollywood Casino. This allows for greater reach for both casinos.

Petitions for more casinos have been repeatedly made in court in Maine. However, they continue to be shot down by the legislators. Quite a few racetracks are present though in Maine. Scarborough is one which is especially popular among players.

Lottery and bingo parlors are aplenty in Maine. The Penobscot Tribe is the most popular bingo location in the state as it offers a very high limit on wagering.

There are also numerous online betting options in Maine. Although it’s a bit of a grey area legally, FanDuel, DraftKings, TVG, Bet America, and World Winners are all online betting websites that accept players from Maine.

Different Types of Gambling in Maine

The following list will tell you the various types of gambling which are legal in Maine:

  1. Sports Betting – Sports betting is not yet legal in the state of Maine. It is, however, on the agenda for law-makers. Online sports betting is also prohibited in this state as there are no websites accepting players from Maine either in terms of sports betting.
  1. Casino Gambling – Casinos in Maine are only 2 in number, according to law. There’s also only one poker room to add. They offer all kinds of games and are just as good as any of the top casinos in the rest of the country.
  1. Racing – Horse-racing and greyhound racing is legal in the state of Maine. An exciting feature of Maine’s online racetrack betting websites is that they pool bets across the country. This gives you the experience of having placed the bet in person.
  2. Fantasy Sports – Fantasy sports websites are legal in Maine, and several top sites are functional in the state.
  3. Lotteries – The Maine lottery has been in place for quite a while now, and currently, it offers many games like Mega Millions, Powerball, Mega Millions Megaplier, Lucky for Life, and Hot Lotto Sizzler. Tickets for these can be anywhere between $26 and $208.

Maine still has a long way to go to make a name for itself as a gambling destination. And it does not seem to be the primary concern for Maine’s government at the moment. You’d probably be better off in any of the other American states if you’re looking for a more rounded gambling experience. This being said, Maine isn’t too shabby either, considering that it still recovers significant revenue from its gambling proceeds.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Maine?

Fantasy sports and horse racing are the only forms of legal online gambling in Maine.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Maine?

No, sports betting is illegal in Maine.

What is Maine’s Minimum Gambling Age?

The minimum gambling age in Maine is 21.

How Many Casinos are there in Maine?

There are 2 brick and mortar casinos in Maine.

When Will Maine Have Sports Betting?

Bills are constantly being introduced in court to legalize sports betting; however, they are yet to be passed.