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“Betting something of high value which is contingent on the outcome of a future event and is further determined by the element of chance” is referred to as gambling in the state of Nebraska. Horse racing and games such as raffles and bingo for the non-profit fundraisers are some of the well known legal forms of gambling to be found here. While casinos are legal in many parts of the country, Nebraska prohibits the utilization of gambling devices such as certain casino games and video slots. 

Brief History of Gambling in Nebraska

When Omaha, Nebraska was formed in early 1800, it was known as the hub of prostitution, drinking, and gambling. The mob and underworld entities majorly ran this. Therefore, the state constitution began restricting the magnitude and kind of gambling. Almost every year, activists have attempted to expand the gambling business in Nebraska and have failed remarkably. The Nebraska Family Alliance has relentlessly opposed the expansion of gambling for it is deemed to be contradicting to the biblical principles. Such is the belief that the development of gambling results in severe social and economic disruption, thereby sabotaging families, communities, and businesses. 

However, in 2004, two popular casino measures were successful in reaching the ballot – through the petition process and legislature. Till date, two lawsuits are impending regarding the legal formalities of the casino gambling in this state. Casino gaming can be availed from the three tribal casinos, and the biggest of these which goes by the name of Ohiya was founded in 2011 – it comes with 400 slot machines, but no table games.

Gambling Laws in Nebraska

Horse racing in Nebraska was regulated in 1934, Bingo in 1958, Keno in 1985, Off-Track Betting in 1988 and Lottery in 1992. The estimated tax revenue from gambling and the estimated gambling revenue happen to be $38 million and $160 million, respectively. After the casino measures were passed in the legislature in the year 2004, all forms of online gambling have been made legal. The gambling age for bingo and horse racing has been set to 18 years and that of keno and lottery tickets from 19 years. 

As one can imagine, a state which has so many restrictions on gambling – Nebraska has an equally complex definition when it comes to their key statuses. The keyword is ‘element’ which is referring to the chance a gambler gets. This primarily allows for the games which are highly competent yet have some random element in them to be classified as gambling. Therefore, the poker game loses the ‘skill game’ argument under this context.

Compared to its neighboring states, Nebraska is comparatively conservative in their conceptualization of gambling. With a limited number of casino options, it is scarcely a surprise that gambling dollars along with the jobs and tax revenue that they generate – travel over the border to places like Iowa.

Sports Betting in Nebraska

Since each state was given their autonomy, not much positive movement has been made towards the legalization of sports betting in Nebraska. For the residents of this state, no legal online sports betting option is available, and this will remain the same until a new amendment is passed to the state constitution. However, there are few US-based online sportsbooks available for the interested players – among them, the most coveted ones are the Sports Interaction, 888 Sports and MGM Sports.

At the moment, one cannot bet in any sport legally in Nebraska. If legal betting does arrive, Nebraskans are likely to be more inclined towards betting on college sports. College baseball and basketball are popular here, particularly in Omaha. With the introduction of offshore sports betting, few risk factors ought to be kept in mind – the integrity and security of these websites are difficult to be determined for they are based in Canadian tribal communities, in Antigua, Barbuda, etc. Therefore, it’s recommended to begin sports betting once a legal option arrives in the state. 

Fantasy Sports is not entirely legal in Nebraska. However, massive DFS sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings do accept real money players from this state.

Casino Gambling

Nebraska has twenty casinos comprising over 899 slots and games. While playing poker, you’ll find two live poker tables to play at – NL Texas Hold ’em and Tournaments. Few casinos also offer convention centers and meeting spaces along with pari-mutuel facilities which are spread across fifteen cities in the state. The most significant number of casinos, that is, four, to be found at Papillion. The biggest is the Ohiya Casino and Resort with over 410 games. The other famous land-based casinos are Lucky 77, Iron House Bar and Casino and Native Star.

Horse Racing

The horse racing lobby opposes the emergence of commercial casinos fearing that it would jeopardize the revenue. There are four Nebraska race tracks which offer live horse racing. These establishments also hold live keno drawings and facilitate simulcast betting as well.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Nebraska?

Residents often head to offshore online casino sites and sportsbooks since online casinos are not legal in the state.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Nebraska?

Sports betting is illegal in the state, but DFS gaming sites accepts players from Nebraska.

What is the Minimum Gambling age in Nebraska?

The minimum gambling age is 18 for bingo and horse racing, 19 for keno and lotteries.

How many Casinos are in Nebraska?

There are twenty casinos in Nebraska.

When will Nebraska Legalize Sports Betting?

Nebraska will have sports betting once a legal option is available after the passing of a new amendment in the state.