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Many American states prohibit casino-style gambling, which is usually generated by the National Indian Gaming Commission. New Hampshire laws permit both horse and dog racing as well as on-track pari-mutuel wagering in which bets are essentially placed in a pool. Even though casinos and placing bets on casino-style games are prohibited in the state, New Hampshire allows cruise ships along with gambling machines to enter the state for a maximum of 48 hours. Wagering on sports events is also illegal even though not strictly enforced. State lotteries are also considered as a form of gambling – they are governed under individual state laws and operated therein itself. The legal age for gambling in this state happens to be 18 for lottery and bingo, 21 years for poker and racing.

Despite the ban of commercial casinos and nonexistence of tribal gambling, New Hampshire houses various de facto casinos which comes with an array of games such as craps, roulette, blackjack, and poker. These are primarily the small scale avenues situated in strip pubs and malls.

Known for its stimulating motto “live free or die,” New Hampshire is not a gambling haven. With even social games considered illegal and confined options available for the residents outside charity events – the gambling scenario is as dry as it can get. However, the flurry of recent legislation suggests that a mood of change in the prevailing premise is likely to occur.

Brief History of Gambling in the State

The two reasons why New Hampshire is well known from the perspective of notable gambling history is that it is the first state to legalize lottery in the modern format during the early 1960s. The state also holds the honor of making use of the charity gambling laws to have as much amusement as possible, by including poker tournaments at racetracks which don’t hold live races.

Pari-mutuel betting was the first to be legalized in 1933, covering both greyhound and live horse racing. This flourished for several years until the entire business, along with two forms of horse racing declined in 2013. One can continue betting at the race tracks via simulcasts which are live races coming from other states. Besides, one can also enjoy casino games and poker at these racetracks. With the non-availability of tribal gambling and licensed state casinos, the inhabitants of this state have to stick with the charitable options or travel to the neighboring states. The licensed casinos of Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun in Connecticut are not far away, after all.

Casino Gambling in New Hampshire

There are no casinos in New Hampshire or any native tribal casinos. There are very limited options available under the state’s charitable gambling laws at the racetracks – this also includes electronic bingo-type machines. Players ought to travel to other states to experience the real casino vibe, with the resort-based casinos of Connecticut not being far away.

Along the seemingly other bunch of states, New Hampshire, too, finds itself in the grey zone when it comes to online casinos or gambling laws. While live poker is available, it can be availed solely via the charity gambling rules. This includes tournaments held at bingo halls and racetracks. There is no permission as such for social poker games in this state; however, nobody has been fined or charged for playing such games at home. An attempt was made in 2014 to pass a bill for online poker, and it has failed in committee. The state has eight casinos with over 61 table games – the minimum and maximum bets that can be placed here are $1 and $4 respectively. With over 99 poker tables to be found at New Hampshire, the popular games in these casinos are NL Texas Hold’em, Tournaments, 7 Card Stud, Omaha 8 or Better, Tournament Free-Rolls, Sit n Go, and Limit Hold’em.

The city with the largest number of casinos that is two is Nashua. Cheers Poker Room and Casino is the biggest and the one with the largest casino floor is the Lakes Region Casino.

Lotteries, Bingo Games and Raffles

Bingo games and raffles for charities are permitted as per the charity gambling laws. The lottery is the sole legal form of gambling in New Hampshire – the agency has also chosen to administer sports betting over operating in-house. This ought to be good news for prospective operators and bettors for the structure will keep the majority of the revenue under the gambling ecosystem. Regulators start awarding licenses to a targeted range of companies who will be able to return the value to the state. This is generally done via a competitive bidding process during January.

Is online gambling legal in New Hampshire?

Online gambling primarily falls under the grey zone, and since very little information is known about it, it can be inferred that the state of New Hampshire hasn’t yet legalized it. 

Is Sports Betting Legal in New Hampshire?

Sports betting is not legal in New Hampshire

What is the Minimum Gambling age in New Hampshire?

It is 18 for lottery and bingo, 21 for poker and racing.