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North Carolina Gambling Guide

North Carolina laws strictly state that it is illegal for a person or organization to operate or place bets on a game of chance which involves winning money, property or anything of high value. Any person or organization seeing violating the same will be held guilty of a class 2 misdemeanor. Even though the state restricts and prohibits all forms of gambling, the exception is laid on the reservation of Indian casinos. Also, North Carolina permits gambling at bingo and raffles as long as non-profitable organizations sponsor the same. Charitable organizations may also operate bingo games, as mentioned by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and state law. The organizations ought to be licensed to run the games, and the maximum prize that can be offered is $500 per game. While offering raffles, the organizations may not provide raffles in conjunction with bingo. The minimum legal age for casino players here is 21, 18 for lottery players and no age has been specified for gambling on bingo games and raffles.

North Carolina Gambling History

North Carolina can never be deemed as a liberal state when it comes to gambling. However, the state does not address online gambling as a criminal offense, which is why the entire online gambling market scenario is a grey zone served mostly by offshore websites. North Carolina also happens to be one of those states which have dealt with the sweepstakes cafe fiasco. During late 2000, the state legislature of NC had launched a campaign to eradicate the sweepstakes cafes. Initially, they had lost; however, when the matter was taken to the North Carolina Supreme Court, they won the case in 2010. This also goes on to prove how the state is likely to bust an online gambling operator if and when deemed necessary. 

Casinos in North Carolina

North Carolina has six casinos in which one is likely to find more than 4280 slot games, 170 table games, and other relevant gaming machines. The maximum and minimum bets that can be placed here are $100 and $0.01 respectively. One can enjoy poker in this state as well with the presence of over twenty live poker tables. The most well-known games here are NL Texas Hold’em, 7 Card Stud, NL Hold’em and Omaha hi-lo. Every casino in the state comes with pari-mutuel facilities which are spread across five cities here. The city with the most number of casinos, two, is in Cherokee. The largest casino is the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino with 3280 gaming machines and around hundred table games. The second-largest happens to be the Harrah’s Cherokee River Valley Casino with 1000 gaming machines are over seventy table games. Meanwhile, the casino with the largest gaming floor in terms of square footage is King’s Mountain Catawba Casino. 

Video poker machines were widespread in the state; however, the 2000 enactment by the state regulations limited video poker machines to three per location. It also banned further installation of new video gaming machines. The North Carolina tribal casinos at Murphy and Cherokee are not permitted to provide payback returns. However, the minimum requirement is between 83% to 98%.

Sports Betting in North Carolina

The North Carolina House passed senate bill 154 on July 15th, 2019 thereby joining the senate in approving of sports betting. Horse wagering and racing was prohibited till date in the state; however, the recent bill approves of horse wagering as well. The amendments are, however, yet to be formulated. 

The North Carolina sports betting study and statistics aims at analyzing the impact that the statewide authorization of sports betting would essentially have on North Carolina. The approval is likely to impact the Cherokee Nation and its gaming activities as well, positively. Even though an amendment was attempted to be added to the authorization to prohibit wagering on college games, Davis and Corbin, the masterminds behind this authorization, opposed to this amendment. They stated that in a place like North Carolina where college games and sports are so popular and coveted among students, prohibiting college wavering would eliminate a lot of the betting which is expected at the tribal casinos.

After the state legislature legalized sports betting, the measure also consists of the introduction of a new Gaming Commission that could consolidate oversight of state lottery, raffles, bingo, boxing from various agencies.

States are predominantly responsible for regulating the gambling laws, be it within their boundaries – this may include casinos, horse tracks, and other venues. North Carolina, a state with a government whose conservatism opposes gambling in every form is making some rather new amendments in their laws. This is why even though not entirely, daily fantasy sports and other forms of gambling have been legalized of late.

Is Online Gambling Legal in North Carolina?

No. Online gambling is not yet legal in the state of North Carolina.

Is Sports Betting Legal in North Carolina?

Sports betting was legalized in North Carolina on July 15th, 2019. As of now, no sportsbooks have been opened yet while details of the bill are still being worked out.

What is the Minimum Gambling age in North Carolina?

The minimum gambling age is 21 years for casino gambling and 18 years for lottery or bingo players.

How many Casinos are in North Carolina?

There are six casinos in North Carolina.