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North Dakota Gambling Guide

North Dakota is probably one of the last places where one would resort to for gambling. This is primarily because of the scanty population and freezing climatic conditions. Despite all of this, the state has become a relatively large hub of around 27 gaming establishments. Meanwhile, licensed horse racing, pari-mutuel wagering, social gaming, race simulcasts, quinella, and combination are deemed legitimate under the laws of the state.

Bars and restaurants are also known to offer video lottery games. It also allows a few other types of gambling such as tests of skill, pull-tab games, and sports betting pools which are mainly operated by charitable or non-profitable organizations.

The minimum gambling age for lotteries and bingo is 18 years in North Dakota whereas it is 21 years for the ones wishing to engage themselves with off-track betting and casino gambling.

North Dakota is one of the best and most gambling-friendly states in the US. Their enormous definition of ‘games of chance’ happily covers all eventualities. However, it’s difficult to predict as to whether the state will be an early adopter of regulated online gambling or not.

History of Gambling in North Dakota

In 1977, charitable gambling was approved by the state legislature of North Dakota, which was was the first legalized form of gambling in the state. These charities began with bingo and raffles and eventually escalated to blackjack. Later, off-track betting and sports betting pools became a legitimate form of betting in the state. 

Casino gambling began its dramatic upsurge in 1992 on the tribal lands. Ever since casinos have been able to attract suitable investments, a vast assortment of slot and table games can also be found here. The 2005 legislation proposed the legalization of online poker in the state.

The final form of gambling to be approved was the state lottery, which is very much legitimate under North Dakota law. In 2012, the state had amended the charitable gaming laws to alleviate taxes. 

Casinos in North Dakota

Majority of the North Dakota casinos and gaming centers around six tribal casinos and almost two dozen charitable organizations. Summing them up, the state has a total of twenty-eight casinos in which one is likely to find over 4861 slot games and other gaming machines. The maximum and minimum bets that can be placed in the state’s casinos are $250 and $0.01 respectively. Additionally, there is poker in North Dakota with over 32 live poker tables wherein a player can enjoy games such as:

  •  Omaha Hi-Lo
  •  No Limit Hold’Em
  •  Tournaments
  •  Tournament Free Rolls
  •  NL Texas Hold’em
  •  Texas Hold’em
  •  Omaha
  •  7 Card Stud
  •  Mixed Games

The casinos come with pari-mutuel facilities at a player’s disposal. The city with the largest number of casinos, ten, is in Fargo. Dakota Magic Casino Resort is the biggest with over 1001 gaming machines and eighteen table games. 4 Bears Casino and Lodge is the largest in terms of square foot flooring space – it has 820 gaming machines and around ten table games. 

Sports Betting in North Dakota

Sports betting has not been legalized in North Dakota yet but sports betting pools can be found in most sports bars as long as they are licensed. 

Lottery & Other Forms of Gambling

North Dakota sells fewer tickets per capita as compared to any of the 44 states currently offering a lottery. What they offer, majorly includes Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, PowerBall, 2by2 and Wild Card 2 tickets. Given the fact that the lottery scenario in the state has been there only since 2004, North Dakota is likely to add more amenities to expand the gaming options. Players have to report the lottery winnings only if they have won $600 or more. The state takes a share of 3.22% as income tax from the winnings while the federal government takes out twenty-five percent.

Even though private gaming is allowed in North Dakota, a whole lot of rules ought to be followed. Here, it’s legitimate for any player to gamble up to $25 per round by which they are also committing a misdemeanor after having wagered $25.01 or more.

Poker is offered by a great number of tribal casinos in the state. While the poker scenario is not exactly brilliant here, most of these gambling forums offer tournaments daily. One can also look for poker tourneys at restaurants and bars which are licensed to provide charity gambling. Bingo falls under the category of charitable gambling which is filled with amusement. Anyone who is eighteen and above can play bingo in North Dakota.

Is Online Gambling Legal in North Dakota?

There are no laws that state online gambling is illegal – the government focuses on illegal websites and operators, not individual players. Although, there are no regulated options for online gambling in this state.

Is Sports Betting Legal in North Dakota?

Sports betting is illegal in the state of North Dakota; accepting bets is considered illegal and no legal options are available other than sports betting pools found in certain bars around the state.

What is the Minimum Gambling age in North Dakota?

18 years for bingo and lottery players, 21 for casino and off-track betting.

How many Casinos are in North Dakota?

There are 28 casinos operating in the state.

When will North Dakota legalize Sports Betting?

Even though the laws of sports betting area is a grey zone, no law holds it as an illegal form of gambling but legal, regulated options cannot be found in the state at this time.