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Oklahoma Gambling Guide

Oklahoma is a relatively small state with a population of over 3.9 million. But considering how the casino sector has shaped up in this state, it is still a surprise that the state makes over billions of dollars of revenue from the casinos. Gambling in Oklahoma was not as smooth as it is presently. 

There are certain laws still in existence that might interfere with some of the new laws in place. Casinos have been specifically set up in the state to ensure that there are no third-party bets going on outside. It is a way of ensuring that people actually know the terms and conditions before placing their bets on anything. As per statute 21-982, the law defines that betting outside pre-assigned gambling venues will be considered a heinous crime. 

It should also be noted that Oklahoma is not the place if you are heavily into commercial betting. Most of the bets are directed towards charity and some towards the revenue of the state. Some places in Oklahoma have begun to relax the laws a little bit when it comes to betting amounts, but major relaxations are yet to be seen. 

History of Gambling in Oklahoma

Things were not as smooth in the state as it is now. Oklahoma has the largest per capita of Native Americans living in it. There were bingo halls and basic horse racing back in the early 1900s, run by the tribes. Horse racing started growing in popularity, and soon they managed to turn the bingo halls into big casinos. The bingo halls began to maximize their profits invariably, and soon, people followed the footsteps of other people. Casinos soon began setting up with dedicated race tracks for horse and greyhound races. By the end of the 1900s, the Sooner State was booming with casinos with a total of 134 placed inside the state. Oklahoma soon became the second biggest gambling location in America after Nevada, and the government had to relax the laws to keep the profits coming. 

Online Casino or Online gambling is something that has never been able to get any traction, be it in the past or at the moment. Since the state believes in running a large charity through the revenue generated by gambling, they have banned it.

Gambling in Oklahoma

As already mentioned, you have a lot of casinos to choose from if you are looking to gamble in the state of Oklahoma. Third-party bets or unsanctioned bets are entirely illegal. If found guilty, the person concerned will be slapped with a massive fine and possibly a few years in jail. 

Special Bingo halls and race tracks are there to entertain the people who are willing to try their luck at the casinos. There are over 134 casinos, and while it might be tough to cover them all in this article, some of the casinos that offer excellent service are listed below.

  1. Buffalo Run Casino: This casino is located in Miami, OK and is run by the Peoria Tribe. The unique thing about this casino is that you do not have to pay the upfront ante, required in most of the casinos. You can straight away go for the players’ card, and depending on the limit, you can start betting on the games that you like. With over 900 slots to choose from, this casino features a hotel with 100 rooms and 4 restaurants.  
  2. Cherokee Casino:There are several Cherokee Casinos around the state of Oklahoma, but the one in Roland is the biggest with the best extravaganzas. Featuring over 800 games with a dedicated poker room with tables, they feature 2 restaurants and 120 rooms.
  3. Downstream Casino Resort: As the name suggests, this is primarily a resort featuring a massive casino, carefully blended into one. With a sprawling 70000 square feet area and over 2000 slot machines, this is a gigantic (and expensive) casino with over 5 dedicated private poker rooms and 300 guest rooms. To top it all, this casino resort is located right at the border of Oklahoma, Missouri, and Kansas.

Bingo and Lottery in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, there are raffles and state-run lotteries with separate bingo halls for the commoners, who do not wish to indulge into massive expenses. The lotteries primarily are for the charities with a percentage of it going to the consumer. Bingo halls also emphasize on charity, but comparatively less than raffles and lotteries.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Oklahoma?

Online Gambling is illegal within the state of Oklahoma.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Oklahoma?

Sports betting has yet to be legalized in Oklahoma. For years now, residents have resorted to offshore betting sites which are unregulated and potentially unsafe.

What is the Minimum Gambling Age in Oklahoma?

The minimum gambling age, as mandated, remains 18 in the state of Oklahoma. 

How many Casinos are in Oklahoma?

There are a total of 134 casinos in Oklahoma and is the second-largest gambling sector in America. 

When will Oklahoma legalize Sports Betting?

Oklahoma has not passed any recent laws regarding sports betting but there are plans to legalize sports betting in the Sooner State in 2020.