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South Carolina Gambling Guide

South Carolina is one of the US states with the severest betting laws. Any game involving the use of dice or cards with or without the involvement of money has been declared illegal. It seems as if the state of South Carolina has taken every step to keep any form of commercial or tribal gambling at bay. In a state where not even social games are allowed, internet betting and poker stand slim chances of becoming lawful. You will find here neither land-based casinos nor racinos nor games of skill. Quite recently, in 2013, a large community of retired individuals had been warned by the state police that they were violating the laws of the state by advertising recreational bridge and canasta clubs. The only form of betting enjoyable in here is the lottery which commenced back in 2001 and fantasy sports.

Nevertheless, to keep the residents of South Carolina amused and entertained, the state provides them with 2 casino cruise ships and access to fantasy sports betting sites. The cruise casinos go by the names, SunCruz Aquacasino and Big M Casino which are moored north of Myrtle Beach in the Little River Inlet. As these cruises enter international waters, gamblers can enjoy craps, slots, video poker, table games, and roulette. High stakes bingo is available at the Catawba reservation by Rocky Hill. South Carolina generates an estimate of $400 million of tax revenue from gambling. 

South Carolina Gambling Laws

  • As per the state’s gambling laws, lettered gaming tables, faro banks, rouge et noir, card, and dice games, roley-poley tables, pool selling, punchboards, betting on elections, gray machines, and bookmaking are all banned. 
  • South Carolina dwellers are forbidden to possess gaming tables and gambling debts cannot be enforced.
  • Under the State laws, the government can operate the lottery, provided the funds are extended towards education.
  • Only lottery, charitable bingo, and fantasy sports are lawful in the state.
  • The minimum age for gambling in South Carolina is 18.

Sports Betting in South Carolina

There are absolutely no hopes of legalizing sports betting in South Carolina any time soon. South Carolina is quite alien to the gambling culture and has never really attempted to embrace the culture either. It lacks both brick and mortar casinos and horse racing, and therefore it could be some time until the state makes some progress with sports betting. The very first form of gambling to be prevalent in South Carolina was, in fact, horse and greyhound racing. This had come to an end at the time of the conservative movements of post World War II. In 2017, a bill for the expansion of gambling in the state which included sports betting was proposed but underwent zero operation in the legislature and ever since then, no further endeavors have been undertaken in this regard. One of the reasons for keeping sports betting away from the light is that it would require an amendment of the South Carolina constitution. This would again need a statewide referendum which could itself be a major roadblock.

Fantasy Sports

Fortunately, no South Carolina gambling law prohibits its dwellers from enjoying daily fantasy leagues online. Hence, Fantasy sports sites like DraftKings and FanDuel have been operating relentlessly in the state for years now. In 2006, daily fantasy sports was declared to be a game of skill by the federal government which exempted it from the betting laws. Daily fantasy sports is the only area where South Carolina residents can exercise their expertise and knowledge of sports. 

Lottery and Bingo in South Carolina

It was in 2001 that the lottery was signed into law and the first draw took place not before a year had passed. Lottery in South Carolina now includes interstate games like Mega Millions and Powerball. The tickets for those can be purchased from the terminal around the clock. The state lottery sells both scratch-off instant game tickets as well as lottery tickets to lotto drawings, 

Bingo offered by charitable institutions run permissible in the state, and the entries must value $3, $5 or $18. Also, it is mandatory to have the prize pool announced the previous night independent of the amount of the prize of the pool. Under the Bingo act of 1976, there can be just one winner from a game, and during a session, the prize offered by each game must be equal. As implied by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, only the Catawba Tribe has the liberty to spread high stakes bingo games. 

For a gambling enthusiast, South Carolina would be a very big disappointment. Even though there was a time when the gambling scenario in South Carolina was more on the rave in comparison to Nebraska, with time it died out due to the conservative mentality. So one has no other option but to either board the cruises or visit surrounding states with more of an enthusiastic gambling scene.

Is Online Gambling Legal in South Carolina?

No. Online gambling is illegal in South Carolina although people can still indulge in online fantasy sports. 

Is Sports Betting Legal in South Carolina?

No, sports betting is not legal in the state of South Carolina. The closest thing to sports betting that the residents have access to is daily fantasy sports.

What is The Minimum Gambling Age in South Carolina?

The minimum age for participating in Lotteries is 18 in South Carolina.

How Many Casinos are in South Carolina?

South Carolina has two cruise casinos docked near Myrtle Beach and high stakes bingo is offered by the Catawba reservation in Rock Hill. There are various charities offering bingo and convenience stores selling lottery tickets across the state.

When Will South Carolina Legalize Sports Betting?

It is highly unlikely for an anti-gambling state like South Carolina to decriminalize sports betting any time soon.