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South Dakota Gambling Guide

With South Dakota becoming the third US state to legalize gambling, in 1989 the state saw the budding of numerous casinos. In the same year, video lottery was also accredited by the legislature and games like video poker, bingo and video keno gained popularity. An open pour alcohol permit was all one needed for a video lottery license.

Horse Racing, the state’s very first form of gambling, has been prevalent since the 1940s. Dog racing came to an end in 2011 due to the absence of dog racing tracks. 

South Dakota has numerous betting establishments, around 1400 give or take. The town of Deadwood is buzzing with 17+ casino establishments that host video poker, live poker, table games like roulette and blackjack, keno, craps, slots and many other variations of the same. The state also maintains some tribal casinos at Pickstown, Watertown, Pine Ridge, Flandreau, Mission Sisseton, Lower Brule, Mobridge, and Martin. The two racetracks in South Dakota are located in Aberdeen and Ft. Pierre. The most popular casino establishments in the state are:

  • The Lodge at Deadwood
  • Deadwood Mountain Grand
  • Cadillac Jack’s
  • Silverado
  • Tin Lizzie 

South Dakota has quite a reasonable approach towards both offline and online gambling and is not a complete disappointment. A bulk of the casino games are permitted as long as they are hosted by sanctioned institutions. In fact, there is a lot that the state has to offer through these establishments. 

Sports Betting in South Dakota

Currently, the state of South Dakota is not in favor of permitting its residents to enjoy betting on sports. But the good news is that since the beginning of 2018, some attempts are being made to legalize it. A white paper had been released by the South Dakota Department of Revenue which contains details of the further steps that should be followed by the state once the federal law banning sports wagering had been repealed and the Supreme Court ruled in support of New Jersey. The white paper lays out the following points:

  • Amendment of the constitution of South Dakota to allow sports betting.
  • The proposal for amendment has to be passed by the Senate and House after which it has to be put up for a statewide referendum. Without the consent of the voting public, sports betting cannot be regulated in South Dakota. 
  • Wagering can only be allowed to take place at authorized casinos.
  • The white paper would let the Commission on Gaming regulate sports betting.
  • A tax rate is set on sports betting by the legislature. 
  • The white paper advises on organizing all sports wagering in the state as pool betting wherein a single pool holds all the placed wagers and the amount of money wagered per outcome will determine the payout odds just as pari-mutuel betting. 

Fantasy Sports

Since the very 1960s, South Dakota has been hosting fantasy sports of one form or another, and the industry took a turn online in 2006. According to the UIGEA, fantasy sports betting is not a game of chance but a game of skill, and with this notion, the DFS industry ventured into the web. DFS sites like DraftKings and FanDuel organize numerous interim sports leagues on a daily basis.

Horse Racing

The Commission on Gaming exempts horse race betting from anti-gambling laws and hence those in South Dakota can enjoy betting on horse races at licensed casino websites like,, and and accredited racetracks. 

Online Betting in South Dakota

South Dakotan residents are allowed to enjoy online betting as long as it is limited to horse racing and daily fantasy sports. It is hardly likely for the state to authorize online poker or other casino games any time soon. To change the status of online gambling in the state would require it to not only pass new legislation but also to revoke the existing one. 

Lottery in South Dakota 

Video lottery terminals or VLTs were sanctioned in South Dakota is 1989, and it became an effective way to raise some extra money. Today, South Dakota hosts approximately 8900 video lottery terminals across more or less 1500 establishments. In 1987, the South Dakota Lottery came into being, and its very first tickets were sold later in the very same year. The maximum bet accepted by the machines is $2 per game, and $1000 is the maximum prize value. Lottery winners receive a receipt which has to be taken to the cashier of the facility to trade in the cash.

South Dakota lottery not only makes subscription service unavailable but also does not offer tickets on sale online and buying or purchasing the tickets online has been declared illegal. If you happen to stumble across a website providing services as such, know that it is a scam and unlawful.

Is Online Gambling Legal in South Dakota?

No, online gambling is unlawful in South Dakota. The state although permits offline and online horse race betting and fantasy sports.

Is Sports Betting Legal in South Dakota?

No, sports betting is illegal in the state of South Dakota. Nevertheless, the residents are permitted to play daily fantasy sports and place bets on horse racing online.

What is The Minimum Gambling Age in South Dakota?

In South Dakota, anyone below 18 years of age is restricted from participating in lottery whereas the minimum age for racing, casinos and video lottery is 21.

How Many Casinos are in South Dakota?

South Dakota hosts as many as 26 brick and mortar casinos, 10 poker rooms and 9 Indian casinos.

When Will South Dakota Legalize Sports Betting?

It might not be too long until sports betting is decriminalized in South Dakota judging from the efforts being made in that direction.