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Texas Gambling Guide

There are quite a few states in America which freely allowed gambling within the boundaries. However, there are states which allow selective betting or gambling where luck does not play any pivotal role. Texas is one of the states where you can bet actively on horses and greyhounds but prohibits betting on games like poker, blackjack, slot machine games, and other table games.       

The government is pretty strict when it comes to betting on things which involve luck and other arbitrary factors which cannot be controlled by the gamblers. There are, however, some exceptions to the gambling role in Texas. Office pools and bingo paired with the Raffles, run by the state, have been officially approved by the government. Some of the major revenue that is owned by raffles go to a charitable cause, as prevalent in some of the other states in America.

Gambling online is something that is not taken very lightly within the state of Texas.

Texas is not really a gambler friendly state. Having said that they do allow active betting on horses and greyhounds, typical bingo games, state-run lotteries, and Raffles which offer a considerable amount of winnings to the player if they are lucky. Although the state laws have been tried and tested, they are likely to be amended if the majority of the people vote to legalize gambling.

History of Gambling in Texas

In the early years, Texas was one of the hottest gambling destinations in America. There were many holes which promoted slot games, poker, bingo and different form of roulette. There were separate race tracks for active betting on horses and greyhounds. Since the majority of Texas was dominated by native Americans, they set up quite a few casinos which went on to be highly profitable businesses. But since these days the government has shut down those casinos citing that gambling is not to be legal in the state of Texas.

However, in the late 90s, an amendment changed a few laws which enabled active betting on horses and greyhounds and introduced raffles for charitable purposes and dedicated bingo halls, both of which were run by the state. The Native Americans needed a source of income which enabled them to set up quite a few illegally placed casinos in some parts of the state, mainly outskirts. 

Online Gambling

When it comes to online gambling, the state has been very firm in its decision. The government does not allow any form of online gambling. There are quite a few slot machines and quasi-casino machines including computers that are being used as a mode of online gambling within the state. The state officials have taken down as many as they could but could not wipe out all the machines that are being used.

Paired with lovely restaurants and guest-rooms there are A couple of casinos run by the native Americans that are still in play and keep entertaining all the newcomers in the state. A couple of casinos have been mentioned below.

  • Naskila Gaming Casino: located close to Houston, this casino has grown in stature over the years and has proved to be a central gambling point for all the newcomers and the veterans. Paired with over 1000 slot machines, private tables, and active horse racing, this casino has been influential in lifting up the Gambling sector in Texas. The guest rooms and the restaurants are an added bonus for everyone.

  • WinStar World Casino and Resort: With over thousands of games to offer, this casino is located at Thackerville and provides a great gaming and entertainment experience to those in the area.

Lottery, Raffles and Cruise Gambling

The state has ensured that most of the winnings from raffles and state-run lotteries are directed to charity. A portion, of course, is awarded to the winner. The government has also set up dedicated bingo halls where people can play bingo, winnings of which will be directed towards charity. They can also try the bingo games for fun without the involvement of any sort of money.

Although gambling for the most part, in Texas, is illegal you can always go to the cruise ships docked at a couple of ports to experience gambling at its best. Like other states in America, these cruise ships will take you to the international waters, where gambling is legal. These cruise ships offer outstanding scenic beauty of the state of Texas as well as offer a scintillating gambling experience if you are willing to try out your luck.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Texas?

Online gambling is completely illegal in the state of Texas and all quasi-casino machines have been banned by the government.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Texas?

Sports betting is illegal in Texas.

What Is The Legal Gambling Age In Texas?

The legal gambling age in Texas, as prevalent in other states of America, is 18.

How Many Casinos Are In Texas?

Texas currently has two main casinos which are operated illegally by tribes and Native Americans.

When Will Texas Legalize Sports Betting?

Texas has no plans of legalizing sports betting at the moment.