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Wyoming Gambling Guide

The earliest legal example of gambling that can be found in Wyoming is horse racing. The last remaining live track in the state is Wyoming Downs. The track had temporarily stopped operating in 2010 but was reopened in the following year.

In 2009, the first casino in Wyoming opened in Riverton, called the Wind River Casino. Soon after in 2010, two more casinos popping up which were also related to the earlier tribe. The casino games that were legal at that time were video poker and slots. Live Poker and Blackjack were later added to the list.  

The creation of the Wyoming Lottery took place in March 2013. A statewide referendum was not required to be established for the lottery. The Wyoming Lottery, also known as WyoLotto, does not include the sale of scratch-off tickets. The lottery only has permission to sell lotto tickets.  

The taverns in Wyoming started to offer live poker as it was legal according to the skill gaming law of the state established in 2010. The bars, however, did not take a rake on these games. They generated profits through the sale of food and drinks that increased as the casino games attracted more customers. 

Wyoming Gambling Laws

Players are legally allowed to place bets on games of skill in Wyoming. There is a condition attached to this law which ensures that the person making the bet is a participant and is only making a bet for themselves. They should not be acting as a bookie as it is punishable by law. 

Casinos in Wyoming are only permitted to operate on tribal land. Table games that involve pure luck are illegal. Video poker, card games and slot machines that require a certain level of skill are only allowed in casinos. Live poker rooms are also included in this category.

According to the laws of Wyoming poker games and social gambling is legal. This has been articulated under the definition of gambling:

Any game, wager or transaction which is incidental to a bona fide social relationship, is participated in by natural persons only, and in which no person is participating, directly or indirectly, in professional gambling. 

Gambling in Wyoming has its perks since a lot of gambling activities are forbidden by state laws. Players still have a lot of options open to them such as horse racing, online skill games, and fantasy sports which offer lucrative prizes and are available throughout the year. 

Horse Racing

On particular days of the year, live horse races are organized at Sweetwater Downs, Wyoming Downs, and Energy Downs. Horse Racing Machines were legalized in 2013 to boost the deteriorating racing industry in Wyoming. These machines function in a way similar to traditional slot machines except that their outcomes are based on horse races that have happened in the past. No information is revealed regarding which race or horse is being used before the bets are placed.

Advance Deposit Wagering or ADW has also been legalized in Wyoming. This allows players to register for accounts at licensed horse racing tracks and wager using real money on games that are being hosted across the country. The following horse racing websites are legal in Wyoming and are properly licensed:

  • TVG
  • BetAmerica
  • TwinSpires

Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a growing industry in the US as far as gambling is concerned. Players can sign up at one of the popular fantasy sites and enjoy single-day leagues along with instant payouts. Players can form a team and compete for a prize. They can also participate in big tournaments offering prizes worth millions of dollars.

Two of the following websites are currently available in Wyoming:

  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel

The fantasy sites have permission to operate in Wyoming even though there are now laws geared towards formally regulating their activities. The law regarding fantasy games are ambiguous, yet the operators have been able to run their business without facing any legal trouble. 

Skill Games

Betting on games of skill is legal in Wyoming as long as the player is a participant and betting on themselves. This logic applies to the sill games available on the internet. A popular website for games like this is

Sports Betting in Wyoming

A glimpse at the legal situation in Wyoming will show that it is highly unlikely that Sports Betting will be legalized any time soon in the state. According to the definition of gambling, as defined by state laws, sports betting is a form of gambling. The state law prohibits players from engaging in sports betting. Players can be charged with a misdemeanor if they are found placing bets on unregulated gambling websites.

Offshore sportsbooks are unregulated, so it won’t be a good idea for players to engage in placing sports bets online while they are in Wyoming. Another activity that might attract some serious charges is when someone acts as a bookie for other players. 

As far as the law is concerned, the authorities have been slow on the issue of legalizing sports betting in Wyoming. There haven’t been any bills of late that have legalized the activity in any form. There also hasn’t been any news that points at the possibility of sports betting being legalized in the future.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Wyoming?

There are several forms of online gambling that are legal in Wyoming. These consist of Horse Racing, Fantasy Sports and Online Skill Games.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Wyoming?

No. The definition of gambling as defined by the state’s laws include sports betting which is forbidden according to the law.

What is The Minimum Gambling Age in Wyoming?

The minimum gambling age is 18 years in Wyoming. This rule applies to players that gamble at tribal casinos and on bingo and race tracks.

How Many Casinos are in Wyoming?

Wind River Casino is situated at three locations in Wyoming. These are all situated on the western part of Wyoming.

When Will Wyoming Legalize Sports Betting?

The lawmakers of Wyoming aren’t in favor of Sports Betting. There haven’t been any laws that have hinted at Sports Betting being legalized in the future.